Frank Smith conducting

The Sounds of Music

When writing about someone knowing where to begin is usually the most difficult bit.  In Frank Smith's case it is more difficult to know when to stop.  His life is an extraordinary mix of talent and achievements but his overriding passion is music.Frank was born into a musical family.  In...

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Neuroscience Singing Feature

Science is Catching Up with Art!

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence about the benefits of singing, especially together with others. Now, of course, those of us singing in a choir already knew about the good things it does to us, even if we weren’t sure exactly why. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that...

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KVU Messiah

What the papers said about our Messiah

  It’s always nice to get a good review. “(KVU Singers) gave an expectedly magnificent performance of Handel’s masterpiece……..Wonderfully conducted again by Frank Smith and expertly accompanied by guest organist David Houlder……..The famous Hallelujah Chorus, and monumental final Amen, had the packed audience leaping to their feet. Bravo!” – Keighley...

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